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HOUSEBROKEN ™ is a great rock ‘n roll band and one of the finest practitioners of classic rock to ever hit the Atlanta scene. Rocking Atlanta non-stop for over five years now, they play the music so well you might think you are listening to the original artists – Cheap Trick and Led Zeppelin, along with contemporary rock like U2, Smashmouth, Dishwallah and many, many more.  The band likes to pick music that you know, but not “the obvious”.  That’s why their ever-growing audience keeps coming back. The members of the band bring their extensive and varied musical experiences together to dive deep into the feel of each song, all while delivering an entertaining show. Rock fans are promised blazing music and a fun time.

Long live Rock!

Riley Hoskins: Vocals

Riley is a former member of Birmingham, Alabama based indie artists, The Plaid Camels and Atlanta based progressive rock band, Hip Heavy Lip, brings years of live performance and recording experience to Housebroken. Steeped in 60’s and 70’s classic rock and soul, and the indie scene of the 80’s and 90’s, Riley delves deep into the feel of each song, always searching for a new approach, while remaining true to the original.

Rob Landman: Keyboards

Rob Landman fills out the band with a variety of classic and edgy keyboards in a monster stack as tall as he is (almost). From classic screaming organs, to the multiple Pianos,vintage synthesizers, and horns…all played in the styles of the original recordings. Says Rob, “I been banging on the ivories (OK plastic keys)…for 35 years. I am inspired by so many of the classic keyboard players…but to name a few… Elton John, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Dennis Deyoung, Keith Emerson, and Billy Preston.”

Greg Hammen: Guitars

An alumni of Georgia rock scene bands “Remote Control”, “The Tempted”, “The Torpedos”, “Meltdown” and “Sock Monkey”, Greg has a lot of years playing and recording guitar under his belt. Greg plays a number of styles with authority. Greg’s playing fuel’s Housebroken’s sound with blues rock chops and raw energy. Greg writes, records and produces from his home studio to keep the creative energy flowing. More here.

Tony Alfieri: Bass

The thundering low end groove you hear in Housebroken is Tony! In the late 20th century, Tony was active in the Atlanta and Athens music scene. You might remember Tony as the bass player in Chezwick and Modest Pleasure. Tony also played guitar in the Athens based band Carnival Life. Tony’s bass influences include Paul McCartney, Mike Gordon, John Paul Jones, and James Jamerson.

Jack Massey: Drums, Percussion

Nashville, TN native Jack Massey began drums in high school studying with Nashville Symphony percussionist Bill Wiggins. Professional playing began with the underground punk band, The Beef People. In 1985 they released the EP “Music for Men” for Catch Trout Records. He was a founding member of the Hitchcocks from 1985-87. He toured nationally with the Storm Orphans from 1987-92. The band released three albums on Low Rumble Records. He played with original ska band The Halftones from 1995-97. The Halftones were featured on two compilations as well as their own release, “So Regal”. He played and recorded with VO5 on their self titled CD. He played and toured the Southeast circuit with outlaw country band The Inlaws from 1994-2003. The Inlaws released three CDs (Six Pack, 12 Pack, and Lethal injection Live) on Low Rumble Records. Recently he has played with original band The Newbies and in several cover bands including Jake Brake (70’s covers), Flat Stanley (90’s covers) and the Hazz Benz (80’s covers). As of late, he has discovered himself to be HouseBroken. More here.

Audio Mix & Sound Production

Housebroken shows deliver a wall of full sound that is second to none and 100% professional!

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